Smakebit – The Name of the Wind

Patrick Rothfuss’ The Kingkiller Chronicle har jeg hørt mye bra om og hatt lyst å lese lenge. I forgårs kom den første boken, The Name of the Wind, i posten og jeg begynte selvsagt å lese med en gang.

It was night again. The Waystone Inn lay in silence, and it was a silence of three parts.

the name of the wind

The most obvious part was at hollow, echoing quiet, made by things that were lacking. If there had been a wind it would have sighed through the trees, set the inn’s sign creaking on its hooks, and brushed the silence down the road like trailing autumn leaves. If there had been a crowd, even a handful of men inside the inn, they would have filled the silence with conversation and laughter, the clatter and clamour one expects from a drinking house during the dark hours of night. If there had been music … but no, of course there was no music. In fact there were none of these things, and so the silence remained.

Slik starter boken. Snakk om å sette stemningen da. Dette er en sånn som dro meg inn helt fra starten av, og det liker jeg 🙂

Husk i stikke innom Mari for flere smakebiter!